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Growth is such an interesting thing. Everyone grows-- physically, spiritually, emotionally. To be human is to live a life full of unstoppable change called growth.
I’ve been thinking of the concept of growing a lot in the past month because I’ve been especially aware of my hair growth . . . or lack thereof. I check multiple times a day to see if any new tiny prickles have sprouted on the top of my head, eyebrows, or lashes. For a while.. nada. Then, a few weeks ago, I was visiting my boyfriend Cameron in Texas. One night he kissed my head (sweet, I know) and exclaimed, “Cal!!! I think you have prickles!!!!” Immediately, we both ran to the bathroom, pulled out his iphone flashlight, then proceeded to examine my newly discovered hair growth mere centimeters from faces squished to the mirror. We rejoiced, I mean full on happy dance and fist pumps in the air, over the tiniest sign of growth. I’m talking SO tiny that you could only feel it with the soft part of your arm or lips. It was mayb…

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