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Beginning to Thrive

Today was monumental.
For the first time I truly looked at the daunting stack of insurance claims that have accumulated over the past 7 months. Don’t misunderstand, I have had a tireless army working on my behalf since the beginning, mainly composed of my parents and a few fearless and compassionate friends. But today sat down with my mom. laid eyes on the million (yes million) of dollars that are due in my name. I did something I haven’t had the bandwidth to do yet-- face the facts of what happened. It felt both tragic and satisfying to grant my mind permission to read through every biopsy, every hospital stay, every medication prescribed – and the dollar amount associated with each. Tragic because rarely does someone my age have to witness the paper trail of their escape from death. And satisfying because I am beginning to feel alive once again despite my unwanted visit in the kingdom of the sick. 
A few months ago a random lady at Target encouraged me that there would be a day wh…

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